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Dr. Alan Campbell has devoted most of his life to helping people understand themselves, both in the context of their relationships and in the context of their own needs. He accomplishes this through working as a therapist in his private practice setting and as a consultant to family businesses. Dr. Campbell has been in practice as a therapist/psychologist since 1989 in Stillwater, Oklahoma and has worked with family businesses since 1995. His main focus in both settings is the development of emotional intelligence and well-being throughout the life and business cycles.

A primary focus of Dr. Campbell’s consulting with family businesses involves the process of transition throughout the generations of management and ownership. His main role with business owners is to help manage the emotional challenges that are a natural part of family and business. By helping business families address concerns such as leadership succession and issues of fairness, families are able to stay cohesive and functional rather than splinter into dysfunctional behaviors. The main goal of all succession is to promote healthy business and personal relationships throughout the process of transition from one ownership group to the next.

Dr. Campbell also focuses on how to use the mind to deal effectively with anxiety and depression. Sometimes this is done through being aware of how the brain processes information and being willing to challenge thoughts and emotions toward a more desirable behavioral outcome. Often, by helping people process their emotions, people are able to manage their emotional concerns on their own. Helping people become more capable of understanding their emotional tendencies allows them to anticipate and manage the activity of the brain through taking a meta approach to understanding thoughts and emotions.

Dr. Campbell is also a business owner. He started his private practice in 1989 and Developmental Capabilities in 1991, an applied behavioral service to developmentally challenged individuals. Both businesses are still in existence and focus on helping individuals achieve their highest level of functioning. Developmental Capabilities has served hundreds of consumers in the 28 years it has been in existence. He has ownership in various businesses with several of his friends and enjoys being a part of their successes.

Dr. Campbell enjoys being with his family, playing golf, bike-riding and reading. He is part of a meditation group that meets weekly and focuses on mindfulness strategies as a way of maintaining his own wellbeing. Dr. Campbell also authors a blog on emotional intelligence and is about to complete his first book on the subject entitled, “Finding your way to a better day: How to Be Smarter than your Brain”.

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